How It Works

REMIND-A-CAP™ is a patented (#US 7,878,350 B2) groundbreaking pill bottle cap that puts control in the user's hands. It's a simple device that allows an individual to easily set the next date of intake by simply turning a knob. No batteries. No programming. No learning curve. It's a prescription cap that promotes better health outcomes by simplifying and regulating the patient's scheduled medication intake.

About Us

REMIND-A-CAP™ tackles the billion-dollar adherence epidemic for pharmaceutical brands, retail and specialty pharmacies, and healthcare providers with an economic, user-friendly device. Our patented solution, REMIND-A-CAP™ offers each patient the ability to assume control of their own medication regimen. Our goal is clear - to promote higher prescription compliance in pursuit of better health outcomes on a global scale.

Facts & Figures

Non-Adherence has become an epidemic in its own right as up to 75% of patients do not take their medications with enough regularity to benefit from their use.

A 2009 New England Healthcare Institute study found that the cost of drug-related morbidity, including poor adherence, costs much as $290 billion annually in emergency-room visits and other avoidable medical expenses - about 13% of total health care expenditures.

REMIND-A-CAP™ could be the last teachable moment in the treatment chain between doctor, pharmacy and patient. REMIND-A-CAP™ puts a valuable tool promoting compliance and healthy outcomes in the hands of the patient.

REMIND-A-CAP™ can add a point of differentiation for any retail pharmacy chain in that highly competitive sector.  As a point of reference, Target Store's 2005 introduction of its ClearRx™ packaging resulted in a first year, 11% increase in their pharmacy sales, i.e., an additional $150 million in annual pharmacy revenue.

Why Choose Us?

REMIND-A-CAP™ is on course to becoming a prominent leader in the global mission to help people manage their prescription intake. From the consumer's perspective, it's an empowering device that requires no set up or understanding of technology. From a business perspective, it's an affordable solution that promotes consumer wellness through enhanced prescription adherence.






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Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, a retail pharmacy, or a healthcare provider, REMIND-A-CAP™ is an easy-to-use packaging innovation that will differentiate your brand, attract consumers, and boost your market presence by improving the wellness of the people who put their health in your hands.

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